Give up the ghost Bob.

So in light of the new seasons being made for old reveled TV Shows like the X-Files, I recently purchased the definitive edition of David Lynch’s spectacular nightmare of Twin Peaks on BluRay. Not only does this collection hold a fully remastered rendition of the original two axed seasons of Twin Peaks, but there is third extra which is solely devoted to the missing pieces of his Prequel Sequel film: Fire Walk With Me.

I first watched this film when I was 15. Having watched the series before the film, it obviously filled in a few of the gaps. But as a whole the film doesn’t make a hel-lalot-a sense. See when Mr Lynch made Fire Walk With Me, the film was originally an odd 3 and a half to 4 hours long. The studio obviously cut that, as they went overtime and over budget. But the final theatrical cut, was so all over the place that even fans have a difficult time trying to piece the pieces together. But not for long.

There was a scene that struck out for me in this film, where Agt. Coop, comes back to the Bureau’s headquarters, to tell his boss that he was troubled by a reoccurring nightmare in that very building. After much confusion and an entrance from David Bowie, the scene cuts to a room filled with the souls from another place. It was so out of this world and prophetic, that I had never seen a film like this.

Now with the extras this scene makes so much more sense.