Stranger in a Strangeland.

“Real steak? Not Syntho?”
“Guaranteed. Stick a fork in it, and it will moo.”


Doctor! Doctor!

Clemens: Dillon and the rest of the alternative people, embraced religion, as it were, about five years ago. Tincture?
Ripley: I’m on medication.
Clemens: Hardly.
Ripley: What kind of religion?
Clemens: Some sort of apocalyptic, millenarian, Christian fundamentalist, uh…
Ripley: Right.
Clemens: Exactly. Point is, when the company wanted to close the facility down, Dillon and the rest of the converts wanted to stay. And they were allowed to remain as custodians with two minders and a medical officer. And here we are.
Ripley: How did you get this wonderful assignment?
Clemens: How do you like your new haircut?
Ripley: It’s okay.


Here is another one of the true saviours of contemporary conceptual art.
Sadly for us surrealist fanatics, Jean Giraud aka “Moebius” passed away in 2012.

Renowned for his beautifully minimalist/pointillist style, Giraud’s work can best be seen in early renditions of Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal magazines in the early 70s thru to the late 80s. He later worked and helped design the spaceships and suits for Ridley Scott’s Alien, Luc Besson’s Fifth Element, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and even worked closely with Mousier George Lucas on the Star Wars films.

However most importantly, this post should acknowledge his incredible partnership with the wise old crack of Alejandro Jodorwosky. In 1972. Jodowoksy employed Moebius and a band of other extreme fanatics on a spiritual yet failed journey, of Dune ( After Jodorwosky left the bandwagon of films, he banded together with Moebius, where they wrote a series of some of the absolute weirdest and greatest science fiction graphic novels I’ve ever read. Most of which Dune included inspired the majority of science fiction films and regalia we have today.